How Pre-Orders Work

Because of overproduction in the fast fashion industry, between 20% and 30% of clothing is never worn and ends up in landfills.

By pre-ordering, you’re helping us minimize overproduction, helping our business to grow and preventing waste. By offering Pre-order options, we are able to supply your item of choice in your size and colourway, even if we don’t have this in stock.  We are able to bring you new styles more often through this process, which is very important to us, as we are mainly online.


It usually takes 2-6 weeks to produce the pre-orders. We can’t set an estimated delivery time, as we can never get a precise date from our suppliers or seamstresses. That’s why we can’t guarantee delivery at a certain date. When placing a pre-order, you’ll need to allow for 2-6 weeks production time.

Pre-orders are not the same as Made-to-order as pre-orders require units for production.  Your order is produced in our bulk production and not necessarily as soon as you place your order. Our lead times also vary depending on our suppliers' schedule. 

Any orders that contain Pre-Orders will be shipped only once that item is ready. If you would like earlier delivery of in stock items, this will need to be a separate order.

We pride ourselves on not overproducing and having waste as well as encouraging conscious shopping. Our pieces are worth the wait, which is why we are a well-loved brand!

You’ll be notified as soon as your order is shipped. There will be no other updates from us unless there are any delays. 

Please note that when placing a pre-order, you are agreeing to our lead times and understand that we are not able to give exact delivery times or estimates due to many variables in our production process. 

Please ensure that you read our Shipping Policy and Returns Policy before purchasing from our store. By placing an order, you agree to our lead times and policies. We unfortunately do not take any responsibility for the customer not reading these.  If you do not accept our lead times and our process for Pre-Orders, please do not place any Pre-Orders. 

We will allow cancellation and a full refund for Pre-Orders for 24 hours after the order is placed. Following that, we will refund 40% of the amount due to the cost of our materials and the work that our suppliers have already put in.

We are as upfront and transparent as possible about our process and how we work.

In the end, you will have your Larsen and co pieces that are people and planet friendly!